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Re: My Solar

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Actually, I just took that picture a couple of days ago.  There were actually two deer right up by the deck.   The other one had it's head down, so you couldn't see it.  In total, there were a dozen deer in our back yard.  Last fall, we had the deer herd and a flock of turkeys in the yard at the same time, that was pretty cool.


The hardest thing, is to keep our dachshunds from seeing the activity, barking and scarring the critters away.  The turkeys this year are especially fun to see, the guys all fanned out and strutting their stuff for the ladies.


Now, if I could just keep the squirrels from robbing my bird feeders....


As far as Allen...probably, given that the security services didn't find anything to collaborate Obama's wiretapping - or whatever it was - of Trump Tower.  And, are continuing the investigation into what occurred with Russia and the election.