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Re: Slow down folks!

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True enough about the reliability of the AK-47, but building an automatic rifle is child's play compared to constructing a supersonic fighter plane. The American intelligence lesson from Belinko's captured F-25 was that our long held intel estimates of the plane were so woefully wrong.


Our radar trackers noted a Mach II plus Soviet aircraft screaming across their screens and the US intel boys then just assumed that if any plane could do that, then it must also be able to do everything else and more than our current prize in the arsenal, the F-14 Tomcat.


Bottom line: And much like listening too seriously to passionate global warming advocates, beware of acting on the opinions of over-confident, ideologically insulated, and arrogant intel experts. When they are wrong, they don't even apologize, but you are always left to clean up the mess.


BTW: T-72s blow out from the back and then burn brightly for hours. T-62s & T55s, on the other hand, blow up like enormous Roman Candles in ways you have probably never seen before.