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the generals

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Putting aside the question of the wisdom of having too many military officers in the high levels of any administration, I think they're a problem for Trump. The prime reason being that they will tend to have a different definition of what defines fitness for duty than does your basic political hack.


A 25th Amendment challenge requires a majority of the cabinet and as it stands now I only see 5 who'd maybe lean that way. Assuming that Trump doesn't show up at a cabinet meeting wearing a diaper and singing Three Blind Mice, that probably isn't happening until a realization of a new political reality takes hold. That would probably be a loss of the House and maybe the Senate in 2018.


That assumes that Trump's symptoms (organic or personality based) don't become significantly worse over the next year.


That would deal Pence a bad hand. And even though by rights he probably should, I just don't see him holding the same sway over The Base that Trump does.