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Re: the generals

DoD has spent decades and countless dollars promoting the culture war meme that they didn't lose VN, it was those fifth columnists who spit on our troops. Leaving the question of the frequency of those apocryphal events aside, of course they lost it- they being the high brass and civilian leadership. Until very late in the game our troops performed well under very difficult circumstances.*


Same with our two recent lost wars- our troops right up through the high middle officer corps acquitted themselves very well but lost for the lack of strategic vision. And try as some are, there aren't many disrespecters to blame this time.


*the collapse of US morale and military order in the last year or so in VN is widely under appreciated. It wasn't that different than the Soviets at the end in AFG**That's why the military very happily accepted an AVF and went about changing the narrative.


While we're mostly very happy with the current state of things- going to the game and standing up for the anthem and military pageant beats getting shot at- another underappreciated side effect of VN was the loss of our citizen army.


** the guys who served late in the war are close to my age and I knew them better. My take is that their experience was especially hard. Several have had pretty messed up lives- several are prematurely dead.