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Re: Bean Pics

Well BA - Don't know where to start - lol 


We have confirmed Southern Rust near me - I sprayed all my corn with insecticide and fungicide last week - then Did a custom job on Sat . Wife was thrilled to death over that one : ))


Choppers have been working hard the last week - 10 days - I think the rust  deal stirred them up = just insurance - would be my guess : )


Corn = well there was 3 main planting dates here - April 12- 18 -- April 21-24 - May 15 - the ealy stuff looks great - have been in some - still looks great - Mid planting - train wreck ! bad stands - many replanted 2 or 3 times - loss on N big time - you name it - Last planting - still has holes in it - N loss don't appear to be as bad as Mid .


Bean - lots of holes in them - Found some frogeye in mine last week -  Had to reeducate myself on it - then asked Dr. Wise on her opinion and Have decided to let them go    - right or wrong ? tell you this fall : ))


Over all view of crops here - are all over the place - Good to bad - Lots of lost acres in both . I think I can say that Indiana will be hurt bad come fall - there are - will be a lot that will have the big one when they start to roll - as in - it's worse than they thought - How do I come to this opinion - I get to run up and down the road in the Hagie + plus seeing whats really happening out in the fields .


Nice looking beans you have BA !  It must be nice to live and farm ground where al you have to do is walk out there and throw out a few seeds and have a bumper crop every year - lol


Be safe



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