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Crop Pictures from East Central Indiana

These were taken last week - Second pass of 28 at V10 - V 11 , Pretty nice corn --IF not for the wet spots - some of which was replanted and then caught a goose drowned a week after replant - its there :smileyhappy:  But it's got a long way to go . 


The Hag - Hard at work







Home base in the distance - That yellow corn had already got one shot of 30 gallons of 28



To bad it didn't all look this good - for the most part it do's in total acres .





Now - isn't this better than them picture from Kansas :smileysurprised:  Who cares about weedy wheat - Heck Even Marketeye don't talk about it -- :smileyvery-happy:


Just kidding with you Shaggy

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