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Re: Cultivating makes you feel like a Farmer

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Cultivating takes time,, involves iron blight, doesn't work so well in no-till or where there is a lot of residue and promotes erosion.  Other than nostalgia, there is not much to recommend it except on flat land that is plowed.


But what does it mean to feel like a farmer?  I know men who would be just as happy on a D-8 Cat as on a tractor, or who would be just as happy driving the Budweiser hitch as working cattle, or walking along with a hunting dog and shotgun as scouting beans.  Sometimes we confuse the environment with the job.  The kind of person just as happy being a policeman or a soldier or an air traffic controller or some other button-down type of work place.  


Now me, I like marketing grain.  Cultivating?  Not so much.  Smiley Happy