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Re: Cultivating makes you feel like a Farmer

You can cultivate sidehills just fine, you have to "crab' up hill, just like you`re on final in a 172 Cessna and you have a crosswind component of 17`re crabbing, the runway is about like coming straight at the cabin door window and that`s kind of what you do cultivating "crab uphill".  Myself I have a favorite row to glance at, for me the right outside row, it`s set a tiny bit closer, if that one isn`t covering or plowing out the others are probably fine.


Cultivating makes you "feel like a farmer" because "cultivating is what we are supposed to be doing, caring for the desirable plants, just as generations before us have done for thousands of years.  Sure we now have sprays and I spray, however in the 10,000yrs of agronomy only about the last 25 have relied solely on chemicals for crop husbandry.



I love the smell of the soil, the windows on the cab are open and the aroma of the freshly turned earth is right there.   The engine sound 1500-2000rpms, neighbors going by waving, pride in just you and cold steel killing undesirable plants (weeds) in your field.   That is what it feels like to be a farmer.