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Re: Cultivating makes you feel like a Farmer

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Listening in on this one and I'll walk away with this thought.....................  I will be 66 this year..... and chem weed control is probably one of the 4 biggest improvements in my lifetime, but every chemical we talk about is very old in chemistry years.  

The last few years every idea that the consultants and chem reps come up with are just rehashes of old stuff.  Nothing new is being created???



example..... out here Kochia is tough ...... and in the drought it survives...  in 2011 and 2012 in hot drought it got well established.   So the agronomists got together and found a solution chemical to take care of it.  And the answer was........... dicamba in march on all milo and corn ground  two months pre plant when it emerges.  Now we have used dicamba and 24d for years to supress bindweed at 4-5 oz each along with gly.    But this "new" idea was 16-24+ oz. with another shot later.  every march.... "30 oz for some residual" was commonly said by agronomists.


Now our soybeans germinate with cupped leaves -------- a little exaggerated............... but the same agronomist is showing us how much better looking our dicamba beans are than the RR ones.......... and asking us to use more of the same chemical.

We can't grow an acre of beans without the signs of dicamba damage.  10 years ago the damage was just on one field or two.  Now it is everywhere....... even where it is protected from spray for a couple of miles.


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