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Re: Dicamba damage

Well -----  I hadn't seen any till yesterday afternoon - That is when a good friend called and asked IF I had seen MY beans on this one  farm ??? Which I told him - I was by them that morning - going to a funeral and it was raining at that time -- BUT thought I noticed something going on with the South end of it - it went on for me to check out his field to the South of me - the field across the road - then another field on the South side of the one on the East side of the road - If you got all of that - Well , I took a ride and I'll be dam if mine weren't dinged up ! His is another story - they got banged up pretty good - I think they will be OK and he did to - Yet this was done by a farmer that  - must NOT give a S--- ! As he was spraying his corn with NO drops on and it was not windy - Heck it was dam near hurricane force wind ! Now here's what got me P----D - I had been spraying Status - flushed out my sprayer 5 times - then added 250 gallon of water - then added 2.5 gallons of PowerMax - then charged up the booms and let it set for 36 hours - blew out the PowerMax , then re flushed the sparyer 2 more times -- So -- I ask my self - Why did I spend so much time -- making sure that I didn't ding my beans - when all I had to do was just reload the PowerMax and then ding my own beans and had it over with ????? ????


This guy may get his justice ! I was talking to a good friend - app driver south of me - The same guy -- looks to him -- to have smoked some kind of flower that his wife has had growing for 25 years in front of there house !


Boy oh boy - you can smoke off a guys crops - but you starting smoking some gals flowers and there will be He11 to be paid !!!!