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Re: Dicamba damage

In South Dakota there has been an avalanche of complaints about dicamba damage in the last 10 days, even after most of the beans were sprayed before July 4th.

It doesn't matter if it was a private applicator or the local coop(s).


After over 21 days to say that it was off label application like Monsanto is claiming, I have a hard time believing that everyone sprayed off label. Everyone I visited with did their best to follow the label to a T.


From what I have read there have been problems in Tennesee, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Minnesota and South Dakota. I want Monsanto to come explain to my neighbors how I and others could do everything within in our power to place the product in the right manner only to have it VOLITILIZE up to 21 days later and somehow it is the applicators fault!



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