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Re: Japanese Beetles

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In the past, I've never noticed any significant crop damage from Japanese beetles, though that can change.  Updated myself on university recommendations, just to keep in mind.  Notwithstanding the university threshold recommendations, I wonder how thick they really need to be before something really needs to be done to control them (for the future), generally speaking (grubs & beetles)?  Jillions of beetles, each surviving female laying up to 40-60 eggs. They apparently have no natural enemies, and seem to be more of them every year around here.  Seemed to be a couple weeks earlier this year than last year, and many, many more of them this year than last year.  If the grubs feed on roots of grass, then they likely feed on roots of wheat and corn also.  On the good side, they seem to like velvetleaf, and since they started here a couple weeks earlier, the beetles should die out a couple weeks earlier also, at least I hope.



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