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Re: July 18 Corn Photos

Down to 150 acres of corn fellas. Ran the swather thru the first 30 acres yesterday. Probably be destroying it all before it is all said and done.

Ever wonder how people you know but never talk to and have no business dealings with always seem to find a way to make small talk with you when they want something? For example, my cell phone rang and it was a neighbor I haven't spoke to in several years. He said, "Sorry to see your corn didn't make it, can I buy it from you?" Kinda pizzed me off, (and I already had it sold), so I said sure. I've already got in writing a contract worth $200/ton and the buyer is responsible for all chopping and trucking expenses, if you can top that it's all yours. He didn't say bye, thank you, I'll think about it, nothing, he just hung up on me. I'm thinking he got my message loud and clear.
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