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Re: Neighbor sprayed roundup and select at 8:58 Pm huge inversion

I have my cat, 1 and 14 Commerical license here in Indiana . Foxy from what I'm seeing you may have Roundup damage too ! At first your nieghbor said he was spraying roundup --- right ? Well if you read the label on roundup there is a point where roundup can NOT be sprayed over the top , but needs to be used with drops ONLY - it is defferent for defferent corn numbers and should ask the dealer at what height or V stage is for that corn . Now the reason for this is as the corn get's taller , so do's the leaf area , the more the leaf area, the more roundup that will go into the plant , even though the corn is roundup ready it can only break down so much round up that is the reason for drops , to get it under the leaf area some . His reasoning was pretty stupid on the roundup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also it is pretty easy for us , to see the pattern , but will the judge ? i would take your custom appilcator ,Fert . dealer , chemical deal , or even an independent CCA , or chemical deal for Professional back up -- just not your word . I'm not saying that you don't now what your doing here , but the judge may look at it different , this is there every day job , you know what i mean , lol Now as far as your neighbor --- he's a POS for doing something this F___ing Stupid , forget about his age , trust me here , he KNEW what he was doing here and rolled the dice and lost ! he was just hopeing to use his age for forgiveness and excuse ! You have done everything to try and resolve this , it your time for pay back ! Go for the nut sack ! Sorry for some bad talk but people like him are the reason for stupid laws like you and i have to follow ! If this happened in Indiana , you would have made a call to the State Chemist Office ! they would have handel this problem ! As far as his insurance company turning this down , did he tell you that or did they ?????????? Me is thinking that he is afraid his insurance would go up with a claim ! i have seen some screw ups here and everybodys insurance company was johonnie on the spot !!! If they did turn it down then I would be sure to spread the word and there POS company !! they will just love you for that ! he ll i would even take out an add in the paper , but I'm a Azzhole about this kind of stuff !
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