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Re: 2770 Iowa Acres To Max-Out Insurance Proposal

yep there is a lot of bleak sitting here in another 100 degree heat day..


What does the rich of the world need with the poor of the world if technology can do the work needed done?  And who buys the stuff produced and with what source of income?  And how do we keep building those wind turbines blades without pretolium plastics?


I am weary of trying to figure out if the new gadgetry will last long enough to pay for itself...... It is a challenge I carry alone it seems.




BA ,  The left side of the world doesn't think about these things.  They think there will always be food in the store, and with a drone they wont have to go get it so they can spend more time on the stair master?  They will always have the rich to pay for whatever the rich want, they think......


Obviously it is about time for my shift to change.  I miss the optimism of youth....... wish those protesting preachers of discourse hadn't taken it.   Narrow is the way..............................Smiley Happy