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Well since you guys are talking history - Today is the 75th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo - They had a fly over at Dayton today = Wright Patterson - With b-25'S -  I sure wanted  to go over for it   - but was finishing up the planter - BUT !!!!!!!!!!   I then remembered that I still had some ditch's to fill in from tile that needed to be done - I thought - maybe I should do that - just in case it would rain before tomorrow - So walking back to the Cat .I hear a jet - OR was it two ? It sure didn't sound like the ones out of Indy - Looked South and there they were ! A pair - yes 2 !

B1B Bombers with there wings straight out  -  Low and Slow  - Headed to Dayton -They were to be to show closer - I read where they were at .90Mach when they came across the field with a UN - Resisted Climb out -


Man oh man - Them guys had BIG ones - The Doolittle raiders that is .