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I have thrown in the Towel on Planting

We have given up trying to plant any more corn in North-Central Iowa. I have already sent in a PP Insurance claim for over 33% of my corn acres It isn't going to happen to get the corn in. We may just leave these fields completely bare this year. For Northern Iowa it is much worse than the 1993 Flood year and our total corn production will be alot less than even the Drought reduced total corn produced in 2012. This is by far, the absolute worst year I have had since I started buying farmland in 1986. Just my luck, from Drought last year, to way excess rain this year. Alot of my acres that will not grow anything this year. Thank God for PP Crop Insurance, although now I need to figure out how much per acre PP will pay. Anyone else who has PP Crop Insurance, I would be interested in knowing how much your PP Insurance will pay you per acre. Yes, this year is one for the record books for Northern Iowa. But if anyone has figured out how much per acre PP Insurance is going to pay them, let me know. Thanks.