Here's my situation:

Corn and Soybean operation. Current operation is 400 acres. I have a chance to rent an additional 1000 acres about 1 hour ~80 miles away.

1. Would it be worth all the additional travel time/ stress/ hassle for these additional acres if I farmed them myself ?

2. would I be better off custom farming those acres?

3. Both locations have their own line of machinery, would it be best to keep both lines of machinery, or downsize to one line of larger machinery? Is it worth transporting machinery that far, say for planting and harvest? I would either have to hire someone to haul the equipment, buy a semi and trailer and haul it myself, or drive the equipment over to the other farm.

4. Both locations have enough grain storage for each farm but aren't set up to handle the bushels very fast (like during harvest). Should I just haul the grain right to the elevator and risk waiting in line or upgrade the systems to allow faster unloading during harvest?

5. When the crop is growing I'm thinking of staying at one location and having a local co-op handle the crop scouting / spraying at the other location. Is this a good idea or should I try to take care of both locations?

6. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!