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Accepted Solution

TBTF: any buyer's remorse?

Has it dawned on anybody that the farm bill should have been titled "The TBTF BTO Act of 2014"?


Just like TARP (as one poster has noted) we once again have socialized risk for private gain and the bigger you are, the more, pretty much proportionally.


Virtually all discussion that occurred here almost immediately veered off course to hysteria about nutrition programs or a "circle the wagons for ag" mentality versus one or more of the straw man enemies- the greens, animal rightists et al.


Well done, spinmeisters. The herd is rounded up and on the way to the pen. I think I hear the truck coming, too.


I do understand that when you've fought the long slog to be a survivor in "the last man standing club" it is very hard to recognize that you're moving up on the bump list.