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Re: Trumps budget impact on rural america

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What, are you telling me that after 8 years of "Mr Wonderful" and $10 Trillion added to the debt and 0% interest rates that everything isn`t great?  Look public tv is a 24/7/365 infomercial for the left, they have some good stuff, but you need to watch it with discernment, their idea of a "Conservative" is David Brooks Smiley Very Happy  And I don`t think public tv gets over 2% funding from the government now, so when Market to Market comes on during their begging, get out your moldy money and donate to `em, they might even let you speak to Sue Martin.


As far as artsy fartsy crap, I don`t want my tax dollars going to a damned fool in San Francisco who`s idea of "art" is a depiction of Jesus Christ in a jar of urine.  If someone has real art talent, they can get a free napkin at a restaurant and a free pen somewhere and make all the art they want...and if I like it, I might even buy it from them.  


As far as everything else on the list there comes a time when we should heed advice from the last good Democrat