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Re: Trumps budget impact on rural america

Have you noticed with PBS, when they beg for money during Festivus then they have the good programing...the rest of the year it`s crap about ...well just crappy crap and I`ll leave it at that.  But we give money for the Market to Market and the Wife likes Downtown Abby crap.  But most of the day it`s crack addicted fools somewhere down south or Neil DeGrass Tyson trying to make a case that "God doesn`t exist" crap.


I am a Farm Bureau Bigshot and what farmers tell me is "we want the government out of farming...leave us alone!" you are the only farmer I`ve heard that wants "something".   There`s a farm down the road that rented for $335/acre, now how do I exactly plead the poverty case for that tenant?   The last farm bill was/is a disaster I don`t see where it saved anyone was a flat waste of money.  The best year I didn`t need the money and the ARC payment didn`t near cover my acrely seed bill.  Now when I can use every nickel I can get, the ARC pays nothing do I defend such crap????   And that farm bill has Obama and Tom Vilsack`s fingerprints all over Elcheapo whatever predicament that you claim to be in, you can thank the Democrats.