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Re: Trumps budget impact on rural america



We are agreeing on too much lately but to expound on your thought...


It is a fact, not an opinion, that the liberal democrats are the ones demanding a wall.  

The liberal's 25+ year run at never enforcing laws and making an art of skirting laws has created the demand for a wall to address problems created by illegal living.... from housekeepers to nannies... to roofers---- none of us are exempt from blame when it comes to documentation and border problems....... WE NEED OUR DRUGS.

The common practice of implementing "moral", well meaning regulations and laws targeting segments of society, and handing out exemptions as needed get us to where we are....... In this I am refering to the promoting for companies to take refugees from UN numbers as employees and handing out green cards to those undocumented refugees many of whom have nothing., while at the same time trying to make undocumented residents eligable for social services and education but not jobs....... yet trying to make the employer out to be the bad guy if those undocumented get a job off of a missused or stolen social security number.


The left is a mess............ and now wants to stand back and blame the people the voter asked to clean it up.