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Re: Trumps budget impact on rural america

Assuming there even would be public support to write a farm bill that "helps us" how do we write one that helps the needy without squandering money on the greedy?    There are 210,000 full time farmers left in this country of 320 million and those 210,000 farmers produce 80% of the agricultural production.  On top of that, this country has a "cheap food policy" they just feed the golden gooses enough that we over produce and not any feed too much.


So a price support program is out, the urban sector would complain "You mean we are paying farmers not to farm so our grocery bills go up????".  The "96 farm bill" Senator Grassley wanted meaningful payment limitations, but the Foghorn Leghorn cotton & rice boys think they need $100`s of thousands in payments to stay afloat, even some of the Bigshot Iowa corn jockeys were afraid their 3,000 acre bonanzas would max out their LDP limits in the early 2000`s..."can`t have that!".


So I don`t know, farming is tough and always has been, we`re probably better off letting the chips fall where they may.