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Re: Trumps budget impact on rural america

BA quote  --- Assuming there even would be public support to write a farm bill that "helps us" how do we write one that helps the needy without squandering money on the greedy?


Ralphtellusbiz  points it out............ THEY are the same people,  the needy and the greedy.  We always are grateful for the first help.... then deserve the followup, demant our share, and finally lie to ourselves about who gets assistance....   We all ask the government to carry our water, whether it is schools, or food, or health care, or drug money.......... and we all want to minimize our share of the cost. ("let the rich pay their fair share"..... the slogan of the uneducated and self serving politicians..


BA ---- payment limitations do not work.   They leave out the majority of the food production and turn even the most well meaning program into a welfare program that rewards misconduct.


And we have 60 years of evidence that says every usda program written has done nothing to stem the tide of farm numbers going down.  Most have accelerated it... like CRP which was abused into a retirement program for those farms that did not want to be responsible for starting the next generation.  ("IF it ain't my kid, I don't care!".....mentality)

And in some cases used as a tool to take future income away from land ownership.