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Re: Trumps budget impact on rural america

Finally BA........... the trend in rural america finds its cause in one thing........ the tax code.....  first, followed by the expectation of an industry to survive on 2-4% return on investment and build wealth over generations of low income,,,,, nearly slave labor with the only real accumulation of wealth being in land that, if valued in productive terms, has grown very little in real value...but is taxed like it is not dirt.


The passing on of wealth is pretty simple and easy for wealth in stock investment, or passive income....the vehicles to transfer wealth work very well for assets that are liquid.


But the passing on of a farm where real estate is involved has very limited protection.  And is taxed in "appraisal" terms not real income creating value.  


Who would invest their lives in something that creates such small return on investment?   We do, because if you live, and STAY, in production agriculture, you have no choice.