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idalivered- Meeting in Iowa and viewing my Farm Operation?

idalivered- you mentioned on another thread that you would be interested in viewing my farm operation this coming week. I would love to have you ride shotgun while I check the crops and do a few little farmland odds and ends to get ready for harvest, We would start out on the east side of Interstate Highway 35 and look at those 5 farms first, then head west back over I-35 and check the 5 farms that I own west of I-35. All the farms are within 8 miles of each other, so no long drives are needed to check all 10 farms. As mentioned, we did not get all 10 farms planted because of the weather problems we had this spring, but I still need to check out the unplanted acres. I will supply a 12 pack of beer to keep us company while we also do some yield checks on the corn and soybeans. It is a known fact, that in Iowa when doing yield checks that the yields are much higher if you are doing the yield checks with an ice-cold beer in your hand. LOL!!!!

Anyway, let me know if you are still interested in meeting me at the bar for a beer and then looking/checking the 10 farms I own in this area. Again, I would love to have you as company as I check out my farmland. Let me know if you are still interested and what day next week would work best for you. Thanks!!

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