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Ain't seen nuthin yet Mega Drought

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Re: Ain't seen nuthin yet Mega Drought

If there was a market 8 yrs out, some Bears would no doubt would have you "100% sold" :smileyhappy:

"Courage is fear that has said it`s prayers"
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Re: Ain't seen nuthin yet Mega Drought

Fear! panic! the end of the world! somebody do something!!. Donate!!  Sounds like a ploy to support the manmade global warming crowd.!!

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Re: Ain't seen nuthin yet Mega Drought

Spoken like a true obstruction ist Rebub!



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Re: Ain't seen nuthin yet Mega Drought

Total sarcasm follows-



-----------------Those mega droughts in the 1000AD to 1200AD range have sure been on my mind.  You gotta wonder if Fred Flinstones congressional bills demanding electricity replace the methane gas inversion propulsion engine------------- well it probably saved mother earth.   And mankind.  Noone would have been around to enjoy the plague a few hundred years later.  Which was, as I remember it, stopped in its tracks by a well funded PAC effort to stop imunization and clorination of our drinking water.

All of which were predicted to the day,  in the "SW Kroonikle".  The Kroonikle is a bi-century publication, delivered in the format of the time(always up-to-date).  It consists of observations, close up studies(including graphics), and accurate forcasts of all things agricultural, including, of course, marketing of crops(with delivery points and shipping labels)---current prices to the nano-second in the most prominent currency of the time.   Since most of our previous publications are, in fact, set in stone.  You will not find it referenced on the current "internet".  


A location on the "internet" being a short term fad that fails to sort truth from fiction, exists temporarily as we change communication structure.-----Thats an easy prediction ----- and free, by the way---------  This would obviously devalue our publication.  So we are expecting our next publication to be telepathic in structure which expands the graphic content to "imaginable" proportions. -------------- But be assured it will be a "chip" off the old block.


the SW Kroonikle will reluctantly, for a few short years, accept US dollars.  For our, most popular, long three year subscription, including predictions,------------ real and accurate ones----------- send just $56 in new unmarked bills to SW, care of SW, way out there.

Or just Send something to our friend Marketeye,  Funds sent to Marketeye will have a small portion set asside to fund the evening meal at the next "get together" of  SW Kroonikle will have a representative there--------- probably not keynote, but there for future--------------------------- reference.

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Re: Ain't seen nuthin yet Mega Drought

We all know that Fred Flintstone couldn't raise corn...........he lived in Bedrock.      :smileywink:

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." "Success happens when preparation meets opportunity"
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Peak corn peak corn peak corn peak corn.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just remember you heard it here first......
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Re: Ain't seen nuthin yet Mega Drought

Interesting article on droughts. Does this mean we can quite spending tens of 1,000's of dollars every year in Iowa on drain tiles? As mentioned in Iowa, I have lost a 1,000x more corn yield to waterlogged top soil than to drought. Waterlogged corn turns that awful yellow color that says a 25% yield drop is going to happen. I have one last major tiling project to complete on one of my farms, maybe I should hold off doing it in case a mega-drought is coming. That would save me around $30,000. Since 1986, the weather changes my farms have seen is much more of those 4-8 inch rainfalls that happen in 4 hours. It used to be uncommon to get this type of rain storms in Iowa where 4 to 8 inches of rain comes down in less than 4 hours. Except for 2012, it seems we get this mega-rainfall storms evey 2 years or so. I don't remember them happening in the late 1980's. However, 1993 was the year of the huge floods and I lost something like 25% of my corn production to flooding and waterlogged top soil. Yes, 1993 and 1988 were the 2 years in the past 27 years that we took huge yield losses in Iowa.

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Re: Ain't seen nuthin yet Mega Drought

     several brought this topic up over a month ago---THE PRESS is always behind the reality curve.........If you can remember that one, you'll be on top of your business most of the time.


Perhaps the only info article is missing is the "MEGA" may have already begun.


"PEAK MOISTURE" anyone, anyone?

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Re: Ain't seen nuthin yet Mega Drought

Real man made Megadrought.  "(We have been warned for decades that we would be facing a megadrought if we did not do something about climate pollution) "   What a quote from the article!  Someone, somewhere did something in the 1200AD to end the last drought. Find that man's information and we can read his answer to climate pollution.  LOL