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Bean maturity

For years i have  heard that old notion the the length of the day is what determines maturity in soybeans.  Evidence being that the plants are always greener where exposed to a yard light


Does this mean the same variety planted on may first will ripen the same day as the same variety planted on June first? So how will be be impacted by late planting dates? Will be have beans ripening that are not fully matured. Or will they continue to fill until the frost finally nails them?



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Re: Bean maturity

my understanding only from the self study (research) I've done - no field exp:smileywink:-------is that all bean production is based on phtosynthate = product of photosythesis from available light - the implication is it's independant of plant date?...once defoliation occurs - already black layered or stopped filling pod.


+ you have ALL the other variables like moisture and heat stress this year.


doing a little yield proj. for beans - only empirical est and using last year for comparison. in short, production is screwed!


all states but IN & OH had lower pod counts than last per Pro Farm tour - by 14% lower!! we all know that prod made 3 Bil last yr was b/c rains in Aug increased seed size.


so , lower pod counts, smaller seeds b/c lack of rain and heat stress in Aug - the 2 factors = production are both significantly lower than last yr - w/ ac being similar?..and trying to be conservative on damge this year.


Here is my rough formula 10% fewer pods X 15% smaller seeds (based on stress) = 90% X .85 = 77% of 2012 production. 3.0 X .77 = 2.31 - seems impossibly low, but, just sayin'- #'s don't lie like the USDA can.


Aug is almost over-so comparison precip maps 2012/2013 for Aug will illustrate nicely how the seeds will lack this yr. You be the judge - on balance, how much less rainfall occurred in Aug 2013 and then consider heat empirically - was Aug 2012 hotter than 2013? Maybe. B/C of when heat occurred/coupled with less moisture to offset in 2013 - tough one.



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Re: Bean maturity

I double crop so I have some expertise have planted beans April 24 to 15 th of july. Earlier planting allows indeterminate varieties to put as many nodes as time and fertility/ water allow. Later planted just don't fill out the top. When they are done, dry/ or time. They just quit working on immature pods and finish the best they can. Frost on mid 5s before we moved earlier to beat frost . Leaves green shriveled mess. So. Means turning early is better than frost killed green beans. Hope it helps
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Re: Bean maturity

Fringe, I believe I read you are in south eastern va. I'm in northern tip of same. Use early 4's and late 3 beans up here. It's the same story. If i can get wheat off at the 1st of July, DC does ok. July 10th and later is just pizzing in the wind. They need sunlight and water, and here in the east, the water cuts off at its own leisure. Been a great season again in my area and I'm sure I'll pay the bean gods in years to come.... But dam, even double crop is coming close to hitting me at the belt this year. Check out the crops section On here for full season pics....
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Re: Bean maturity

bean will fill untill it frosts if its late planted.  at that point you have a field full of butter beans and not a lot of heat or sunshine to dry it down.  If the seed was availble which it never is  one could try ultra earlys wih would be group 3's around here planted late been down the  road  of group 4's and 5's planted last of july, just glad it was drownded out spots.