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Re: Buying rumors during shutdown ......

The corn crop in my area is large.    However, the elevators have room for all of it.    They are cleaning out bins that are normally left full of beans and using them for corn.    There obviously is a huge demand for soybeans.     Soybean exports may be front loaded, but they are going out the door faster than ever.......around these parts.

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Re: Buying rumors during shutdown ......

What happened is the crop deteriorated during the crop season and even though the production is lower, it is better than expected and the nay sayers of this past growing season are caught with their pants down. More bushels than expected and nothing sold. Now they are sitting on that adequate crop and waiting for a new report that will save their sorry azzes.

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Re: Buying rumors during shutdown ......



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Re: Buying rumors during shutdown ......

""always had their intelligence operations and it was always considered 'privilaged' information for the company."' they try to have superior informtion but  there isn't much to be had, crops grown are across vast expanses, they  can guess, the uSDA does, we can the might be more right by a bit on avg. Is it. This is the big guy on the hill, knows I don't excuse. 


If yu 

ou KNOW wha is up in grains an make 100% / yr, you soon own AG america.


"  Farmers had rumors and they were often not timely or true.(famers are smarterthn aath a ruomor is a rumor) few to none us I've seen buyers put out rumors I knew were untrue because I had good sources ( really, we don't but have nit been bullish wheat in a 2 yrs bear mkt). Counter intelligence becomes the game when the other side can't keep up. Farmers are a diverse group without a central floor for information or operations. (mkats are polar, there is no one side ever, price happens where there is equalility in opssing views) ongviewI've seen this kind of thing regularly in the regional market I'm in. And there are times I hear farmers discussing information they think is the gospel truth when I know it's false.( well shaere some of that inside info here)


I'm absolutely positive the market would have been more dynamic and some farmers may have made different decisions had the quantity of foreign sales of corn and beans had been known during the shut down.


Maybe you wish you had sold more the last few weeks. many see a rally with a bearisg S&D backdrop and mkt some grain, not knoiwing wht the mkt rallied, as if they would know, acting in not knowing in mkts with imperfect information is frudamantal.


A GOOD marketer   unleads some crop into an unusual sale or when the Russian's stop exports-- very true.  

They are fullfilling theeir economic role,, they grow and    market/supply to those  who need it,.


Let me remember,   was it 2 or 3 weeks ago when Russia said they wouldn't have much more to export,

a bearish statemtnt, is SRW down 18 or 38 since then ?




There is no substitute for information sources and reporting by sources that are reasonably reliable