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Double crop bean acres

Is the wheat development behind normal in areas where they would normally put beans in behind wheat? It would seem to me that wheat would be behind normal development and would expect less double crop beans.

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Re: Double crop bean acres

4 weeks behind last year, 2 off normal

Its a concern that's getting worse by the day

Not to mention we need some heat and dry feet on it
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Re: Double crop bean acres

Dry feet we've got, heat always shows up.
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Re: Double crop bean acres

We have field of wheat about a 1/2 mile south of our development in bixby. The piece is generally wet and difficult to produce a decent crop. This year is was dry going into the seeding season and they got a near perfect stand with timely rains afterwords. We got 2-3 inches the night before last and they are probably headed for a record crop for that fields. The wheat is probably about 15 inchs tall and lush and green.


Last year they raised soybeans and weeds. Perhaps not in that order.