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p-oed Farmer
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Early harvest corn.....Any yield reports?

I hear that there is some corn harvesting going on in the south...... Anybody got any reports as to how it is yielding compared to what they were thinking they would get..... Thanks in advance..... p-oed

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straw man
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Re: Early harvest corn.....Any yield reports?

Im in south west Kentucky and we"ve been very dry.Combining is 40-50% done here.Yields are from 19 to 150 ish.I have farm averages of 120 to 70..The really bad corn is right on the Ky-TN border.The field we are in today is a triple stack with 200 units nitrogen and 5 tons chicken litter mostly A soils , its the 70. Zero rain for 60 days will take the top end off.Keep in mind this farm averaged 229 last year.I know Ky yield will be off 40 bushels from last year average statwide.Little surprised to the down side , was thinking 90-150 before harvest , what corn is there has no kernal depth.The beans are going to be worse than the corn, thinking 10 to 30.There will be tons of storage here, wish you guys with a crop could use it.Safe harvest to all.

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Re: Early harvest corn.....Any yield reports?

Sorry the dry weather hit you so hard.

I will begin harvest Wed. in early corn here in WC IN. Corn should be average or above, beans have been hurt by recent dry weather.