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Field Report From E-ast C-entral I-nadiana

Good Monday morning !  Dam , one day in the field and I'm tried already - lol  But we did get started yesterday , Planted one field at 188 acres that had been worked about 2 weeks ago -  It did go in pretty - one spot in some black dirt ? maybe would have been better to wait one more day , B-I-L planted 25 acres of beans for me , this was No - Till in stalks , as so he said for the most part = pretty good shape , zbut here's our problem , The ground is still cool - Need to check the temp again this morning but its not like I like to see it , thats for sure . I woke up in the night and it was lighting to the North , rain this morning - to the North Again , chance of rain today ? like 30 % . That May be what we need to keep us out , To me , And I have done this for a while , The ground may be OK  tto plant , But it just Ain't right ! If that makes since or it that cent ?


Well Better get - Need to load to tenders and Move planter 15 miles back home to Try and start here , if it'snot raining by then .


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Re: Field Report From E-ast C-entral I-nadiana

Ken, the ground is in perfect shape the week of May 10th. What more can a guy ask for? Before the day is out we will be more than 50%. Will be in the 80s this week also. Man I have got to get to Car Quest and pick up some freon for that ol' 15. Stay safe partner.

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Re: Field Report From E-ast C-entral I-nadiana

It'll just take 2 or 3 weeks to emerge.

Least, that's what happened here in 2012 when everyone had dry dirt April 1

Feels like april
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Re: Field Report From E-ast C-entral I-nadiana

Frost on part of the ground this morning

Seemed to be on the heavier soil that would be a tad wetter

Soil will warm up some duting the day, so there will be growth, just not as fast as one would want

Probably 2 weeks to emerge, but roots will be doing something, as it waits to emerge

We are located in the southern great lake region

Might have enough dry soil by mid week, to get started

Or maybe that is too optomistic

Hard to wait with the calander clicking off the days, but dry summer can ruin a mudded crop in our area

No reason to believe we will keep receiving rain this summer, and rain to  cover up mistakes made at planting time

We can turn to cement real fast, once the soil has been tilled or planted, even on sandy ground.,things don't grow so well

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Re: Field Report From E-ast C-entral I-nadiana

Planted a little here over the weekend soil temp 42 still frost in the ground. Pulled a few posts in a grassy line lots of frost.
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Re: Field Report From E-ast C-entral I-nadiana

You guys sound like you're having fun! I got stuck alng a ditch against a steep hill pulling a Palouse Welding zerotill drill and Marty had to fire up his Steiger Tiger to pull me away. Lucky I didn't have that sucker loaded (60,000 lbs ?). I decided to try something different. ALL our springs are cold and wet these days.

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Re: Field Report From E-ast C-entral I-nadiana

I wish I had a big shiny planter that could do 188 acres a day! Heck, I wish I had a 188 acre field somewhere :smileywink:
I got all the corn stabbed in late last night. Riding the sprayer now. Rain and cool weather had me held up for two weeks, but what I planted early is spiked up enough you can row it.
40% chance of rain this afternoon. I hope they're lying. Beans are in the drill and waiting on me to plant them!
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Re: Field Report From E-ast C-entral I-nadiana

Ken, planting here to your north is in full swing. I would say most farmers around me will be done or close to done planting corn by the end of the week. Im done planting corn and plan on starting soybeans tomorrow. The soil was perfect for planting, a little cold though.


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Re: Field Report From E-ast C-entral I-nadiana

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Started planting just before dark, beans for now. Change over to corn sometime tomorrow afternoon I hope.


Spent some quality time with a Phillips screwdriver and opened up the planter monitor and unplugged that &#@?# ear splitting ruined my top end hearing horn thingy before I even went to the field.  Wish I had done that years ago. Think I'll think about getting a replacement pigtail plug and put a orange led clearance light on top of the monitor.


 Was sure more pleasant in the cab this evening.everything started out fine but after ten acres one sensor flat out quit and that row disappeared from the screen and row 12 kept throwing a fit , two new sensors in the morning. Was sure nice they were quiet about it. Yes they were planting.


I think those horns were invented by a hearing aid company.

60% of the time, it works every time.

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Re: Field Report From E-ast C-entral I-nadiana

Hobby, I'm there with you man - and totally agree.  They need a volume control on that thing.  I taped mine over with electrical tape shortly after I got the monitor.  It helped a little.  It was a Dickie John PM3000 - great monitor, but ear splitting.  I almost always saw the row plugging up first on the display showing the seeds dropping anyway.  But it sure got irritating whenever I was running without planting (start up, end of row, etc)  Equipment manufacturers - are you reading this?  Hint...Hint...