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Re: Floor Talk August 10 (Report Day)

There seems to be an opportunity to make a lot of money as long as convergence is not an issue.  If one needs the cash, sell it and buy paper.  Sooner or later the chickens will come home to roost and you'll make a killing.



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Re: Floor Talk August 10 (Report Day)

jim we have all been burned too many times, plus, where are they going to get the cash to buy the paper ?


have you looked at the cost of inputs and what we are getting for crops ?  not much if any margin there.


you know, we have to be to at least buy some lunchmeat and white bread to eat, or would you want us to go


without that too ?


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Re: Floor Talk August 10 (Report Day)

Thanks for the reply Jim, that's a good one !!  If we're going to keep on farming, you got to have resilience .

I keep my grandfather's saying in the back of my mind,

"In rough times the farmer is the first to feel it and the last to recover"