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Re: Floor Talk March 25

I'm hearing that a 10-day weather outlook shows warming temperatures. And that hurt the corn market today. So, then I found this map that shows the soil temperatures across the country. AgTraderTalk is the source of the map. It looks like it could be awhile before Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and Missouri farmers plant?



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Re: Floor Talk March 25

Those maps aren't that accurate Mike. I looked at one for my area a few days ago and compared it to the readings I received when I used my own temperature probe to check one of my fields. The difference was almost 20 degrees F.

I would say that map is about as accurate as a long range weather forecast.
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Re: Floor Talk March 25

Means nothing for me as the planting season for corn and beans does NOT start here till the afternoon of the nineteenth of April. Or later depending on the forecast at that time. 3 1/2 weeks away.

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Re: Floor Talk March 25

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Ditto here - according to that map soil temp here in SCMN is between 35 and 40.  Just came in from clearing some brush along a line fence.  Drove the tractor/loader across a chisel plowed field and got very little mud on the tires.  Ground is still frozen.  Will be a different story this weekend since we may hit low 60's on Sunday.  That's why i wanted to get it done now.

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Re: Floor Talk March 25

A warm rain will change everything, as will a blizzard!