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Marketeye a north IA update for you

I'm looking for your headlines tomorrow morning being Iowa 70% planted sunday night.Yes a lot of corn going in the ground here in NIA and heard of a few soybeans being planted.We plan on being done by Wed and hope to get going on soybeans.Things have really shaped up in the last two days.As to the frost better now than in two weeks.Looks like we will have a hot day Tuesday then back to normal.Tell the boy's that Woden could flood the streets again this year if we get the weather.

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Re: Marketeye a north IA update for you

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Let's see -- if 50% around here have cut their corn acres by 50%, that's 25% done before we start, so we might hit 50% this week.  Seriously though, saw 1 guy planting today, looked wet, and he's the 1st one I've seen in at least a 10-mile radius.  Monday and especially Tuesday should dry out alot around here, then rain chances again Wed, Thur & Fri.


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Re: Marketeye a north IA update for you

Not many moving in central Iowa yet, but I expect that to change tomorrow. I went out to pick up some rocks with the loader Sunday afternoon, and I had to be rather careful where I went with the 2WD tractor. I just hate when I have to dump the rocks out to push myself out with the loader bucket. Not many things more frustrating than leaving a pile of rocks in the middle of a wet patch! I hope we can find a few dryer fields to plant some corn in the next couple of days. If it turns out dry from here on it could be a huge mistake to push it , though.

What is it you are going to flood the streets of Woden with, anyway?

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Re: Marketeye a north IA update for you

Same thing he floods it with every year, bull shat...........
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Re: Marketeye a north IA update for you

Corn planting 99% finished on Aug 1, peak corn wink wink

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May 11th vidio

60% of the time, it works every time.

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