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Oh Boy!!!!

Not what most want to see.

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Re: Oh Boy!!!!

If that precip happens,  we will be blowing by $6 on the new crop corn and may pass $7 rather quickly.

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Re: Oh Boy!!!!

when the heck did they come up with this forcast. I'm in the 4 inches area!!!



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Re: Oh Boy!!!!

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Bull's eye!!!!  I can hardly believe that much rain will fall in the next 5 days, but we will see.  Very light shower last night but planters will be rolling again by noon.  Yes, corn is flying in the ground here in CIA but--------- some are waiting this next weather event out and are keeping their seed in the bag. I'm one of them.  There is an old saying around here that goes like this.  "Farmers ride the planter seat for one week and then ride the anxious seat for three weeks." :smileysad: 

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Re: Oh Boy!!!!

Overlays an area of neutral to negative soil moisture anomaly.


Not all bad but certainly raises the suspense level.

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Re: Oh Boy!!!!

Thanks you guys for takeing the bullet out out there -- now that's what I call takeing one for the team -- looks like for now i'm in the .25 to .50 for the weekend .

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Re: Oh Boy!!!!

Just checked local forecast West Central MO -- rain chances 30% to 80% every day rest of week.


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