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OptionEye....Feb 5th

Good morning...


What a weird old world we live in. Is anyone sick of the equity headlines lately? And the supposed surprise sell off yesterday? I know I have said this before but it's not the business my father entered in 1962 anymore. HUGE changes.


Anyway. Adapt and survive, then thrive.


Corn down a few with wheat and beans hanging around unchanged. Gold and oil a bit higher with the market wanting to do a general turnaround from yesterday's losses. Keep watching the 10yr. yield as it is flirting with 2%.


Weather here in Chicago is solidly in winter mode and it would be special treat to see the sun.







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Re: OptionEye....Feb 5th

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Are the subsoil moisture levels below LaSalle and Jackson streets built back up? :smileyhappy: I know that you said things were a little dry there for awhile?


I digress. Maybe you or Jeff (your sidekick) can offer up some perspective on what the 'open interest' levels look like in corn, soybeans and wheat? Also, can you take a glance at the current COT (committment of traders) data and tell the folks what it is telling us right now about how long/short the managed money, merchants, producers and end-users are respectively?


Also, what is the buzz in the offices on the upper floors of the CME Group. What are all the "smart" industry people talking about: Spreading July/Dec corn, July/Nov beans, drought prospects, the Dollar, cold weather, Crude oil, Europe, China, the Cubs and White Sox etc.? What do you hear?


All or some of this might be interesting for the folks to hear about. Use charts or some graphics if you like. By the way, the CME Group is contemplating shutting trade down during report releases, maybe reducing trading hours. What do you think and what do your trader counterparts think about this? Do they care, will it matter, or is there ambivilance? AND, the KC wheat futures are coming to Chicago's pits. What will this mean for wheat futures? Right now, Chicago has very little activity in the wheat futures pit, it's all in the options pit right? Will this help with volume? Will more money flow into Chicago via KC wheat futures interest?


Scott, if you could throw a few 'logs' on the fire here that would be great. Thanks.



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Re: OptionEye....Feb 5th

While you are at it.......which team is doing better,  the bears or the bulls?

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." "Success happens when preparation meets opportunity"
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Re: OptionEye....Feb 5th

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Well Tiger - Last night the Pacers beat the Bulls -- 111 to 101 , hope this helps .

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Re: OptionEye....Feb 5th

"shutting trade down during report releases"  Mike, can you expound on this....or.....wait a i on the right thread?    wil your answer be here or on floortalk......................this is REALLY CONFUSING. IS optioneye impersonating Mike?