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OptionEye.....May 21st

Good morning.


I guess we should be careful what we wish that we have seen a substantial increase in plantings the futures market takes a big sigh of relief. Corn down 12, Beans down 2 to 4 and wheat down 10.


I believe we tied the record for biggest weekly increase in planting progress going from 28% to 71% - a jump of 43% week on week.


So now it's in the ground we wait on mother nature to work her magic.


Stocks are slightly easier, and the 10 year yield is inching back up to 2.00% currently trading at 1.96%. Gold is lower again as investors leave the metals/commodity space to try and jump on board the runaway equity train. Are they too late to the party? Time will tell.


The EUR is at 1.28 and I think it trades much lower in the weeks/months to come. The dollar is still trading at or near the 1 year high and looks to continue that move.


Good luck today and God bless those in Oklahoma.



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Re: OptionEye.....May 21st

Seems no matter what the news, the stock market goes up.  The puppeteers are doing quite well controlling the strings of the wheels of government.  To fight that trend would be foolish.  What a circus, we think if we elect different puppets things will change.


I still think the big money planned on a big play to the short in grains.  But this weather has just not been cooperating as well as they would like.  But then,  you can't buy off God.


Our weather problems are nothing in light of Moore,OK.   



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Re: OptionEye.....May 21st



Your Dad is right, again. "We always get the crop planted." It must have been the jacket that he wore for so long. It clued him in to the realism of agriculture.



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Re: OptionEye.....May 21st

Tied the record?   Just how convenient is that?

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." "Success happens when preparation meets opportunity"
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Re: OptionEye.....May 21st

sounds like we bought it ------------------------ 40 million + acres planted in 4 days -------------- best snow of the season.

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Re: OptionEye.....May 21st

The exact same thing happened during the Reagan era w/ equities after Volcker guided the economy into a wall to break inflation. Equities seemed to do better on the days there was bad news during the recovery.