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Poll: Planting progress?

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Re: Poll: Planting progress?

3-4 days ahead of average, we are good and half done, normally we are half done around the 6th or 7th.  So far, most of the heavy rains have missed us, but East a ways, they are getting it again, it will be next week at the soonest before they are going, in some places.

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Re: Poll: Planting progress?

I know of a few guys doen with corn, but not many.  And many haven't started beans.  I only hve a little corn in so I'll be later than most, but it won't take long to plant when the weather gets fit.  It'll probably be 5-6 days even if the light rains don't show up.  If they do, it'll be a week-10 days..

Weed control looks pretty bad in many fields.  Corn got planted but no spraying done by some.  I did all my spraying first - delayed planting, so maybe that was a bad idea.  In any event, some of my fields don't look too good but I hate to think what they'd be like if I hadn't sprayed.

The brokers are still saying we have a huge crop coming, and maybe we do, but nothing that is happening now is making the corn better around here.   


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Re: Poll: Planting progress?

Done with corn.  Will plant my few token soybean acres beginning of the week.  It will be the earliest ever I've planted soybeans, but how can one argue when the ground temp is right at 70?  I wouldn't be surprised to see guys drilling cane by the middle of next week.  I'm not sure if I ever recall having wheat headed before the first of May either.  Most are expecting wheat harvest around the 10th of June give or take a few days.  If we get much moisture between now and then, I'd venture to guess we'll see a few try some double cropping.