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Pre-Report estimates

Tim Hannagan, Walsh Trading Inc., released pre-USDA Report numbers for the Jan. 10 report:

Corn= 14.150
Corn Yield= 160.6
Soybeans= 3.310
Soybean Yield= 43.2
     2013-2014 U.S. Crop Reserves
Corn= 1.900
Soybeans= 170
Wheat= 585
     2013-2014 World Crop Reserves
Corn= 163.00
Soybeans= 71.00
Wheat= 183.00


What do you think about these numbers?




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Re: Pre-Report estimates

Corn #'s will only get bigger as harvest is still not done.


Saw a field of corn on the west side of I 35 at about the 50 mile marker in Minn the 23rd of Dec and another one abot 10 or so miles north of that. Did not see any signs but might have been Faust 365 corn.

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Re: Pre-Report estimates

That is in the area that got 15+ inches of snow early May and plenty of rain after that.  Appears that some corn in that area never reached maturity before the frost nailed it in October.

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