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Raising a dust

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Planting yesterday afternoon



BTW: how's the calibration on these fields look? :smileyhappy:






Field cultivating yesterday evening.





Plant in the dust the bins will bust?


These bottoms are working as great as possible. The hill ground in the area is still full of wet spots.

60% of the time, it works every time.

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Re: Raising a dust

The planting in the dust bit really didn't pan out last year, so maybe there might be more to that argument. Looks like you've got a near perfect seed bed according to those pictures. I will admit, since I've switched to no-till I do miss the smell and appearance of the fields right after they've been field cultivated. As far as your calibration, you'll need to keep us informed as the season progresses. Rather funny conversation last night, I do believe it was enjoyed by all. Wait until ECIN reads it this morning, he's bound to chime in with a crack or two.
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Re: Raising a dust

That May snow we had really made the soil mellow.  I could see us begging for a rain in a month, that`s kind of what Elwyn is hinting at.

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Re: Raising a dust

Well I'll be dam !   Glad  you guys finally woke up !!!!!!!!!!!!   I was  getting tired of waiting on you guys !  Guess I can restart this afternoon -- lol   time to close my eyes ------- and cross my fingures and go lol


remeber to be CAREFUL and SAFE !!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Raising a dust

Will not be dust here this morning.

A few areas missed enough rain that they were running yesterday with dust but most in Ontario were parked.

Estimates are 70% of corn planted in Ontario.

I am about 90% finished, rained out with about 3 hours to go last Friday morning.

25mm since then.

No rain and I could go again this aft. 

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 8.02.41 AM.png

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Re: Raising a dust

That's not 'dust'. Just normal operation. 'Dust' is when you can't see your equipment and you can't see where you're headed. From the road you can't see what color the tractor is - or if it is a tractor and not a dust devil. Couple of days ago I 'saw' a Steiger Tiger and 20 ton notill drill disappear for long periods of time. Just a traveling dust cloud. More of a western thing I guess.


Since I've gotten an auto steer set up I believe I'm losing the 'feel' and intuition developed over the years to know where I'm going when I can't see anything outside the glass.

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Re: Raising a dust

Looks beautiful Hobby. You must have gotten your field calibrator calibrated while it was raining and snowing all spring! Just checked the machinery section to see if there was a wanted ad for one these things yet!!! Happy planting :smileyhappy: