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SH-13 Chart - recap

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UPDATE- Noon Feb, 13 - highest probability is a move up to 1450 area, then resistance...reassessment


Bean technicals Feb 4-5


guys, it looks like we have a leading diagonal going on - on the daily......todays high marking #3 impulse.....tomorrow will be day 14 cat..........after #4 correction is over in general range of todays low, #5 should exhaust just above 1500 (near high Dec 17) within a few days---where it will be a low risk area to scale in shorts for a contrarian swing trade.


Mon eve (Feb 4)-------Getting pretty strong confirmation we are done (Mon or Tue trade) for several days-------Elliot wise, this will be Big #1 or (on daily's)

......15-16 day impulse----3-7 day correction perhaps. First corrections (#2) are generally the deepest, after a several month correction of the next highest order (Jan 11)..............................this being said, a "takeout" of 1415 low (Jan 24) is not out of  the question.


Feb12 - eve. Where from here? Is recent selloff beginning or end of correct???







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Re: SH-13 Chart - Bigger pic


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Re: SH-13 Chart - recap



Looks like we're in for a 18-22 day swing lower. Not sure where she bottoms maybe down around 13.50 again if she breaks 14.