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Soybean crop like I have never seen in my life

I am 55 and have seen 0 corn yields here in Mo. from drought but never have seen whole fields of beans burn up like I see this year. I carry ins. on beans just because about 75% of my crops are in the river bottoms and is susceptible to flooding if our levee breaks. I do not recall ever collecting on beans on the uplands. I have seen beans stress to the point of drooping leaves and maybe clay or sand spots burn up but then it always seemed to rain just in time to save us. I have never seen whole fields burn up. I think it is very possible that we could actually see fields here that will be 75% or more loss. Most of our beans were planted after June 7 and so need another 3 wks. or more to fully mature. Problem is they are already giving up. Does anyone else ever remember bean fields dying off like this?
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2003.......TIME IS UP.......

In 2003 we had a local flash drought.......corn did ok.......soya burned up......ZERO............actually lost some pastures and hay ground as it actually killed the grass.........didn't rain at all in August or September...

As for this year........3.4's are giving up the ghost........and you can see many more fields getting that color in areas......

Guys, soya are done........ITS SEPTEMBER........NOT AUGUST............

Its feeling like 2010 all over again........will take time grasshopper..........
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Re: 2003.......TIME IS UP.......

Again, picture's say it all: compare EVERY area, density and all.



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Re: 2003.......TIME IS UP.......

What Universe are you guys living in......I just watched a video out of Louisianna and apparently the entire stat ecorn crop topped 250 bu/acre....corn is flowing up the river as fast as they can load it, and they can't load the barges fast enough to keep the corn away working 16 hour days.    Louisianna is the new South America....right here at home.   So much for Illinois and Mo getting early premiums...the corn tsunami is on the way....coming to a port near you.


I can't see needing more than say two states, Indiana and Wisconsin needing to plant a corn crop with the glut we're about to experience    PEAK CORN?   lol......


We're screwed.

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Re: 2003.......TIME IS UP.......

Don't know if you're serious or kidding but that's the way things roll anymore.


My information is that southern Delta corn is actually two crops - much like some placec up north. There's corn planted early and corn planted late. I'm hearing the early planted corn is doing well. Serious doubts about the later corn which is a subtantial portion of all the corn grown in the South.

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Re: Soybean crop like I have never seen in my life

Eastern seaboard will have the beans and the south will have the corn and the midwest will be able to grow corn and beans on all the ground being paved over can't wait to see it
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Re: Soybean crop like I have never seen in my life

Tigger, you lose more and more credibility every time you post. 2003 was not a flash drought in "your area" Reference national soybean yield that year. As for your alfalfa and pasture ground dying, its called going dormant. Keep on posting drama queen.