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The reality of the situation

not sure the gravity of what is happening is fully understood..............its June folks and there is a pile of corn yet to be planted, and a mountain of soya to go in...........................not to mention the saturated ground and corn that is in that is screwed


wet markets are always slow to react.....................have some ducks on corn fields the last few days..........................the first 1.5 inches were nice, the next 5 not so much, all since Monday at noon


talking about another 3 by tomorrow noon..................


and this thing is far from local, lot of really good ground to the north that is in trouble




14B plus, let alone back to back is a unicorn..............


we are now below 12B, market accordingly............


and FYI, IF you wanna get short, look at 14'................



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Re: The reality of the situation

Well said!

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." "Success happens when preparation meets opportunity"
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Re: The reality of the situation

............could be a true disaster..........forget the pile of corn not planted much north of you MT planted after May 15th is still alive?.........that might be more important for the US bottom line. 

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Re: The reality of the situation

    As far as the reality of the situation,what about wheat? Haven't heard any one bragging about bin buster conditions there eather.Or have we been being b esd about the freeze and drought damage in the wheat growing region?(combines will prove the point!)

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Re: The reality of the situation

so you got booted from ag talk again under a different alias................................looking forward to bloviation and more dots.

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Re: The reality of the situation

The reality of the wheat?  The reality of the wheat is that I personally know a dairy farmer in Wisconsin that just bought a load of wheat hay - not straw - wheat hay that was cut and baled because the heads were fake.  Plus, a custom combiner friend of mine that is starting harvest is saying 25-30 bu yields out of OK  -  KS that last year was doing 60+.  That's reality.  


The markets.  Who knows these days.  They certainly seem to be out of touch with reality right now.  It seems that the powers that be continue to think that everything is fine and dandy.  I guess there's plenty of wheat, corn and beans to go around.  I'm with many others who know that the reality of the situation as it stands right now is almost scary.  Corn - my guess is 11 bbl.  Just too many issues out there, and issues that are going to continue to plauge us all season long.  Let's see.  Saturated soils causing loss of N and loss of oxygen in the ground as the soil com[acts as it finally dries out.  Shallow roots systems unable to get to the N that is now much lower in soil profile.  Tasseling that will occur during August.  Still have to deal with the fact that this is solar maximus.  it will get hot and dry at sometime.  We are about a month late on our weather this year.  We are still in the springtime weather transistion as I see it - ie. the reason for all the unsettled and sever weather.  Once the weather stabilizes into the summertime pattern, it should also transistion to hot and dry.  Something is keeping a lid on these markets.  Personally, I think the fund managers really wanted to sell this crop in a really big way.  And the weather just has not allowed for that to happen.  Reality will eventually kick in, and we'll probably be looking a a couple of days of limit up.  If they're waiting for us farmers to sell our crop, they have a while to wait yet - it's pretty dangerous financially to sell something that you don't have. 



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Re: The reality of the situation

Hey Tiger remember they had one hellva crop in SA and it's on it's way over.So don't get your little tail to hard.Hell we still could pull a avg crop off.   

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Hey VR how you doing?

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I suppose it will get a little dismal around here too but the science will show us the truth.
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Re: The reality of the situation

The glass is half full, the glass is half empty. 


Since this is a marketing forum, what is your marketing plan as you expect the year to pan out?

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Re: The reality of the situation

Looks like it is not about PEAK CORN,  but PEAK WEATHER. 

So. IA