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Weather proverbs

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Just wrote a bit about a favorite book, Weather Proverbs (full story). Always kind of interesting to delve into the old-timey wisdom of what the natural world might be telling us about the weather. Some long-range sayings include:


There can never be too much rain before midsummer.


Wet May

Dry July


Don't plant your corn until the oak leaf is as big as a squirrels ear.


Calm weather in June sets corn in tune.


Early insects, early spring, good crops.


Fall bugs begin to chirp six weeks before a frost.


Some truth to all of these old saws, according to author Dr. George Freier. Anybody have one to add?







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Re: Weather proverbs

It always rains after a drought!
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Re: Weather proverbs

Don't shovel snow in the winter won't shovel grain the next fall.

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Re: Weather proverbs

July weather in May, May weather in July.


Oops!  Sorry, that's not a proverb, just a recent dream.


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