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Western Mato Grosso

Have been getting e-mails that this part of S.A. is VERY dry , looks like the one's that planted beans early will have to replant them , ( I have also seen pictures - not good ) this area has had very little rain in the last 30 days and the plants have run out of water or just never spouted . This is NOT a problem as of yet to replant = plenty of time , and could still have a outstanding yield But here is the problem for them , it push's back the time for planting the second crop = corn . Look's like the focus maybe on only one crop and pass on the second one . Just something to keep an eye out for ! Have a goood sunday !
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Re: Western Mato Grosso

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What No record crop ready in late Feb?


Do the Corn College educated "experts" know or understand this?


Are you saying the emperor is scantily clad?


They were talking about this on Ag Day this morning. Probably take 30 more days to get traction in the markets.


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Re: Western Mato Grosso