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Year in Review

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Corn is poised to have its biggest annual drop in prices (39%) since 1960. Is this what you will remember about 2013?


What are your highlights and lowlights? Everybody has their own thoughts. Here are a few choices I've thought of. What are yours? Thanks for sharing.



--Visiting with farmers, during a crop tour this summer, that talked about how good the past 3-4 years have been for their family farm operations.

--Touring the Commodity Trading Lab at North Dakota State University. If you haven't seen or heard about it, and have someone preparing for college, I recommend checking it out. It is mighty impressive.

--Hosting Brazilian freelance writer Luis Vieira in Iowa. His response to living in Iowa and the U.S. reminded me how lucky we are to live here.

--Launching the Successful Farming Marketing Academy. Attending that first meeting in Sioux Falls, and visiting with farmers from nearly seven different states made me proud that we are trying to help farmers improve their risk management plans. I sat in on last night's webinar session and the farmers continue to be engaged.

--Completing the 2nd Annual Successful Farming Benchmark Marketing Survey. This fresh look at how farmers are marketing their crops is helping the industry realize that diversifying a risk management plan with all tools available can add value.




--Watching the corn market slide below breakeven levels for a lot of farmers.

--The uncertainty in crop-weather that is keeping everyone off-balance.

--The ethanol battle. It's not healthy for any sector of the economy.

--The economic divide that continues to grow.

--The overall outlook for agriculture that apparently points to turning downward.


Thanks for sharing,




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Re: Year in Review

Well here in E-ast C-entral I-ndiana - it really was pretty much a normal type year here - lol  It s a little wet here to start off with while my Iowian Brothers were maning there boats . But the Big blue planter  started rolling on May 2nd - thru the 4 - had to shut down - i was  pushing the limit to hard - but that gave me time to spray up to the planter then -------- rain - But It dried up to finish up corn then on to beans - The beans were to late for the big yield - didn't start bean still May 16 th and Brothers - that cost me 15 bpa compared to my neighbors beans - right next to mine - the name number bean - Oh Well - theres next year - right ?


Then we had out the Purdue N rate plots - by that fun ! Never to old to learn and boy did I ! I have figured out I don't jack about farming - lol  About the time I do then it kick's me - you know where


Corn yields - best I have ever shelled on this farm !  t may be forever - Ken was lucky


Beans - well I'm getting to the point ----- I HATE them - I wish I never had  to EVER plant then again - The ather pattern must be changing here - I ue to raise  60 bpa plus -- year in -- year out - but its hard to raise 50 t o 53 bpa - it's that dang rain shutting off in Aug.


Harvest went on pretty good till Norm had  to have a stint put in and was down for 4 days - Norm is the cart driver - but the Good thing - Best thing - Norm was OK  !!!  i worry alot about Norm - he retired out of Ford Indy and has worked every fall for the past 13 years and has 20 years here total - he would help us when Ford was on strike of something , But this is not the first one for Norm and he even had open heart surgury back 5 or 6 years ago - all while helping me - His doctor told him to get back to the tractor as soon as he could - it would help him - but we all keep an eye on him - there are signs we see that he don't and know there is something wrong . 


Clean up went pretty good - But then again I do it all so no need to wory about a half azz job there :smileywink:


Over all - a pretty normal year year - Mom And Dad are doing pretty good for there age - 85 and 83 - dad still shelled some corn and did a great job -


I guess that the only low side of things -- is well -- I Iive with two black girls and a white girl - and fellows - they all have good teeth and can chew azz - I KNOW   :smileyvery-happy:


The Good lord has took good care off us - again --to farm another year - which will be normal - with ups and downs - and lets throw in a few weather scares - to dry  to wet - to much wind - to cold - the corn it to cheap , beans are to cheap - you name it - lol  Just another normal year -- here in E-ast C-entral I-ndiana .


Best of luck to all for 2014 - and we all may need alittle 






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Re: Year in Review

Corn tumble 40% biggest decline since at least 1968 according to DJ Agri news.

Dont expect 2014 to tumble 40% but right now its not done going down.

Trend is your friend and beans today are turning more into a down trend too.


But with that said imho Happy New Year to all and be safe tonight and tomorrow

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Re: Year in Review

My crop yields were acceptable and i'm glad i have something to sell. Unfortunately, I gave attention to our perma bulls that grace these pages and Lucy pulled the ball away just as I was gonna kick it. Oh i knew they were lying to me but i just thought this time it would be different. That the perma bulls were not lying. The USDA was lying because there is a conspiracy by the US government to drive prices lower.


Alas there is no fool like an old fool and this old fool has been around this track more than once."Prices can't go down. We are at a new plateau. You'd be a fool to sell at these prices. Ray is lying to us to get us to sell cheap?" All that crappola is in plentiful supply. The result being we are under sold in a bear market. I can't think of any reason to be positive.





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Re: Year in Review

2013 turned out too be a year of running in place up here in " The Nort". Crop Ins. ,[ I know Ken....its for wimpy cats] kept me alive to farm another year.


Next year will be the mother of all years....will have good early Spring....rain when we need it....temps just right....can't wait too get rolling !!!


 Happy New Year too all !!!    John

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Re: Year in Review


60% of the time, it works every time.

"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of dung by the clean end."
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Re: Year in Review

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For folks that can't think of any reason to be positive.............I really feel sorry for you.   You are looking in the wrong places.  

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." "Success happens when preparation meets opportunity"
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Re: Year in Review

Any year that you can walk away from was a good one.   2013 was alright, because the way things were looking in June around here, I thought we`d git nothin` and we ended up with sumthin` so that ain`t bad.   The low prices were telegraphed in all year, there never was a good place to forward sell the CZ13 corn       oh I know there was better prices than what it settled at, but the basis was +.10 or +.25 hot off the combine.  I think if someone sold a year ago (C13) you coulda got $1 more, but it would`ve been a nerve wracking year.  Had there been a early freeze (September) it would`ve been an absolute disaster, so we have alot to be Thankful for.


But 2013 was the year that the party ended, from here forward we`re gonna have to earn our keep   :smileyhappy:

"Courage is fear that has said it`s prayers"
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Re: Year in Review

Well said RT. I'm glad you included your last sentence. We were very fortunate to have crop insurance last year. Poor production year in 2012 , but revenues were still good. Then 2013, which turned out to be a very trying year for farming, but great production year in spite of the weather.  Now we are having the soils freeze very deep which will put us in a very good pisition starting in the spring. I'm only looking at the positives from a  production farming position. From a general life perspective, especially for you younger participants, just remember it is a long race, and you'll get some sore muscles on the way. Keep slugging away. It does help to view the glass being half full.