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looks like II....

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Dakotas, Minn, and parts of NIA are getting a good soaking rain.........lots of pretty rainfall totals on the map.....

The ole moon is so bright tonight, could flip the lights off and drive.

Edit: and it appears the line is filling in...
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Re: looks like II....

South central minnesota here, well I still have 50 acres of corn to plant and after the rains and the 2 more days that the forcast say is coming get finished.........well I pretty much will have to write off about 25 of those acres will never dry out in may, yes it is that wet in that low spot. On the bright side I guess I won't have to look for replant seed for the other pot holes that are under water I will just use that seed ment for  that low spot. Was just telling the wife I wish I had an ariplane to go up in and take a picture at the same angle I have one from the floods of 93 I am not to sure when this is over that the 2 pix won't be almost similar............splash splash.....      Interestingly if you drive just a few miles south the ponding subsides.......

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Re: looks like II....

Very heavy rain forecasted for our area and others tonight.  Could be a lot of newly emerged corn under water by morning.