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unplanted acres

I drove west of Ames,Ia and zig zag my way to Luther and what a surprise of the unplanted fields. If intended for beans (stalk ground)

I would say 80-90 % unplanted. I asume some were intended for corn on corn as it is a common practice around here, better gaurantees.

I have a third of my beans to plant. The corn was very yellow and brown where it isn't in a pond. The best corn I planted was where I was warned to not plant with cold wet rain and snow coming I kept planting, been doing it for almost 50 yrs.. 


Only time i replanted, except ponds, was when I worked the ground wet and planted wet.  Never did that again.


My three seed dealers tell me quite a bit of corn yet to plant and a large amount of beans to be put in. One dealer told me only about 20% of seed beans has been delivered..


Another point when driving the highways, most of the farmers in my area will always try to plant along highway first as on my way to Ames not so many unplanted fields . The last part is for you that drive across Ia and try to get a handle on acres planted you may have to take a gravel road...

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Re: unplanted acres

You can take the same drive across very north iowa and find the same thing and worse. I planted 200 acres of corn before that cold rain we were supposed to get. Turned out to be 12 inches of snow. Best looking corn I got as is others who planted then. Corn planted middle of may got a big rain on it that Thursday night and besides the ponds, there is at least 20% of some fields just plain dead. These acres will have to be dealt with in some report with out any other USDA distortions. Way to many acres intended for corn in prime growing areas that won't produce this year...MikeM
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Re: unplanted acres

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 EDIT; don't know where the rest of this post went but the beginning went on ahead I guess.


This is about a drive the wife and I took today from Podunk Iowa up 169 hwy in Iowa to the Blue Earth cutoff on hwy 9 then straight east to Interstate 35 east a few miles in a down pour then south on 35 back home.




Bancroft, Iowa bills it's self as the garden spot of Iowa... Wonder when they will get it planted? Many many many fields planted that will not raise half a crop no matter the weather from here on out.

Drove in mist, drizzle, rain,  sunshine and one torrential rain event, all day.

6 tenths here so far the last 24 hrs.


This is the best of Iowa, the heartland of corn and bean production and it has had a heart attack this year. These are NOT marginal or fringe acres. These are what makes Iowa #1 in corn and soy production. ResizedImage_1370827318024.jpg

Took this about a hr after we were in the down pour under this cloud line.The top picture was during the down pour.



This picture is not the best but shows the drownded out spots on the slopes most much worse than this.

The other thing that stuck out was the physical size of the corn. 99% was fron 2 to 6 leaf.

majority 4 leaf.


If it quits raining tonight, it's too late to plant corn by the time it drys up. When we can get in the going to bean acres they are going to take quite a hit in yield too do to the shortened growing season they will enjoy too.


Went within eyesight  of 6 ethonal plants and they were running. Or at least the steam stack was putting out a full load of badly needed moisture.  Should be room at the "inn" for this years crop. If not the streets have been washed clean for more storage.


There will not be corn priced with a 4 or 5 in front because of excess production.


Ohio, Kentucky and other fringe states can NOT have a good enough crop in excess of their normal production to make a whitts difference in the losses that are appearant hare in Iowa and southern Minn., Wis, Mo and parts of other states.


BTW western Ks area is supposed to have 90's and 100's with a breeze this coming week to go with their no subsoil moisture, can the eastern fringe produce enough extra to cover those losses too?


There will be corn produced in Iowa this year ... just not anything to write home about, but something to tell the grandchildren about.   100's of thousands of acres NOT planted and the ones that are, are in trouble.



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Re: unplanted acres

Hobby,  We'll try to pick up the slack here in Ohio and do what we can.....but I agree with you.    FWIW, The boys in Chicago appear that they will be late to the party.

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Re: unplanted acres

thanks for the photos.


as i am learning, that 2 to 6 leaf corn is still growing below soil surface-----any add'l rain on those acres nearterm could exacerbate soil lock or lack of enough O2.

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Re: unplanted acres

Hobby thanks for the reminders. Wished our plans woulda worked out better yesterday I planted 25 acres of corn on Sat. I woulda got done if the weather had had cooperated 1 more hour and I would a been done. Errr maybe I should say I would have scattered some more seed on the ground in the mud.

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Re: unplanted acres

Just shaken my head here Jr . You said that you lacked a hour to get done planting -- right ?  And then blame it on the rain for NOT getting done , I think the real problem here Jr. is that you should have got your azz to the field a hour earlier ! then you would have been done !  You young guys will -- may be sometime learn from us older owls  :smileywink:


BTW since your didn't get done -- will throw you into Pervented milking ?  and what is the date for this ? 


Thanks and best of luck

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Re: unplanted acres

ECIN, don't throw all us "Young Guys" into the same pot. I pulled a 26 hour day Friday, well a few hours ran into Thursday. Went home for a short nap and I was back up at 0430 Saturday to get wrapped up before the weather set it. In my case it worked, started raining just an hour or two after I got the planter cleaned out. Lets see here, 24+12.5=36.5 hours in two days. If farming were a "Real Job", I'd have been earning the big bucks via overtime.
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Re: unplanted acres

I will get back to ya on that prevented milking time frame. But it's gotta be close! LOL