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Oddest thing you ever used...

...for a curtain? I've seen antique aprons on kitchen windows, feed sacks made into cafe curtains, and once used a pretty set of blue plaid dishtowels in our kitchen.

I have been working to put "toppers" on some of the windows here at Jenna's house. She didn't really need curtains...had stained glass on the one window that was visible into the part of the house she actually occupied. That is still up in the front window of her bedroom

I did hang cellular shades on all of the front windows, except in the kitchen...she did have a topper scarf there, and I hung a pink
ribbon garden flag on a tension rod under that, all of that to keep nosy eyes out. The second bedroom valances worked put okay over the shades, with some long ladies' scarves draped over some brackets.

Made a set of valances for the dining room, and tipped them in the center with some stained glass earrings I had bought her at a craft show. Just the right touch. The den will have to wait, until I can get outdoors with several cans of paint on a warm, sunny day. I am going to try doing some designs on a long, narrow canvas drop-cloth, also to drape over iron brackets.

The last pair of windows want to decorate are in her bedroom, which needs color color at the top of those pleated white shades. I have some small brushed silver rods to work with there. Just took delivery on a VERY odd material for those.

So far, it looks like a winner, but need to sit down for a couple of hours with needle and thread, and see if what I just laid out across
the bed ends up as cute as I think it might. Got to chase down the right colored thread first...if these turn out, I will post up a picture and see if you can figure out what they are.
The only odder window treatment I have ever seen is stained glass valances. I have some patterns for those, too, so if this doesn't pan out, I can drop back and punt.

I've used a baby quilt for a door curtain, and have those garden flags on several doors, on magnetic rods, like in the garage and pool shed. There are pinecones screwed on as finials on my office valances. It's not unheard of for a tobacco stick or fallen limb to turn as a rod around here.

Made me wonder: What's the oddest thing you've used, or seen used, as a window decoration?

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